The Haiti Marine Education and Conservation Center is a multi-purpose facility where Haitian kids can learn and study their ocean and marine life and gather to conduct research studies.  The center will also be a place that can establish Haiti as a leader in marine conservation, through the assistance of marine biologists, who can help the youth organize formal research studies on the marine life.


Currently there is no marine conservation center in the entire country of Haiti and there is no marine education in the schools in Haiti.  The ocean and marine life is not a priority in the country and it needs to be.  The ocean is a valuable research and could be destroyed in the future, if there is no effort to protect it.


The goals are to build a marine center, establish Haiti as a leader in marine conservation, recruit youth to get involved and bring marine biology teachers and marine biologists to Haiti to get involved.  To achieve these goals, we would first build a center for the kids.  Then we would conduct formal studies on the marine life and get environmental organizations involved and aware of what we are doing.  We would also meet with kids in different fishing villages to get them involved and we would email and reach out to marine biology teachers and marine biologists in Haiti, the U.S. and other countries to get their assistance.


The plan is to build a marine conservation and education center in Haiti.  I would do this by hiring architects and engineers to create blueprints.  I would purchase materials needed to build the center and hire workers to build the center.  In addition, the plan is to establish Haiti as a world leader in marine education.  To do this, I would need to select marine biologists and marine biology teachers as advisors for center, publicize the center through media outlets and social media and work with universities and environmental groups to conduct formal research on marine mammals in Haiti.  I would also recruit youth from around the country to participate in Haiti Ocean Project.  I would need to select volunteer recruiters in each fishing village and hold public workshops on marine conservation to introduce center.  Also, would need to advertise the project and conservation center on Haitian TV and radio.  The last step is to have marine biologists and marine biology teachers come to Haiti to teach the kids at the conservation center.  I would need to find marine biologists and marine biology teachers who are interested in the center, invite them to come to Haiti and get involved and get marine biology books and other classroom and supplies for center.


This is what we need to build the center!
Salaries for employees of marine center $  5,000
Equipment/building materials $10,000
Snacks/drinks for kids at center   $1,000
Supplies $  1,000
Gas for generator (electricity source) $  2,000
Land for center $  5,000
TOTAL COST: $24,000