The Haiti Marine Conservation and Education Center will be located on the beach in the fishing village of Petit Goave, which is approximately 30 miles west of Port-au-Prince, along the inner southern peninsula of Haiti.  The center will be constructed with concrete and an aluminum roof.  The entire center will be fenced with barbed wire for security.

The center will include a front office, a library with computers and books and a research lab for the students.  There will also be three aquariums, including native and invasive species.  We also plan on building a touch tank for the kids to get up close to marine species they can actually "touch" including small rays, sea urchins, starfish and octopus

Over the past year, we have saved two small sea turtles and plan on creating a few saltwater pool, to rehab injured sea turtles with the hopes of eventually returning them to the wild.  We also have a 20-foot floating dock and swim platform (courtesy of singer Bryan Adams) that we currently have and are building directly in front of the land where we will be building the center.

Also, we have three boats: a pontoon boat which is the kids floating classroom and currently on the property.  We also have a second whale watching boat that will be located in front of the center.  And, our third boat is still in Florida, waiting to be shipped to Haiti.  All three boats will be used for the center.

We are getting two horses donated to the project, so we will be build a stable for them, so the kids can ride on the beach.  We also will be getting a few baby goats donated, for the kids to have some "pets at the center"!